A message from Gary Aitken Jr.

This Covenant was made with the Creator by the first Kootenai People of this great area. To this day, we still honor and respect this Covenant. The Kootenai People have survived more than a century of adversity and have prospered in all areas of life based on this agreement.

Our successes have been a result of strong leadership. I give thanks to all my elders and past leaders who have assisted and given their dedication to the benefit of this tribe. I also give most appreciation to those who involved themselves in the war of 1974. Since this time we have prospered tremendously. Our people are once again proud and we are grateful of all the things we are provided.

Programs envisioned by the Council and developed by Tribal members have resulted in a holistic watershed approach to the Kootenai River system.... addressing natural resource issues across cultural, social, jurisdictional, political and geographical boundaries. Our efforts have recognized that water quality, habitat and ecosystem health are integrally connected.

The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho is proud of our Fish & Wildlife Department and our Tribal Hatchery efforts to restore Kootenai River White Sturgeon, the Tribal Health Clinic for providing quality health care to members and the Environmental Department for addressing air quality and working to improve the environment for everyone. The Tribe has also led the way in addressing water quality issues, contributing to the broader goal of the ecosystem restoration. We are also proud of our Kootenai River Inn Casino and Spa which has provided economic stability for tribal members and is a strong basis for our economic future. With this operation we now have the ability to provide the best of higher education for our younger generation. The Inn has also provided employment opportunities to the broader community.

This beautiful area has always been home to the Kootenai People, and with the continued support of the members and responsible leadership our Covenant will forever be fulfilled. The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho will graciously continue our efforts to provide for our future.

Gary Aitken Jr.

Tribal Chair

The Covenant

" I have created you Kootenai People to look after this beautiful land, to honor and guard and celebrate my Creation here, in this place.  As long as you do that, this land will meet all your needs..."